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In 2010 Pieter de Villiers, and his wife Cornell, decided to convert the double garage of their Hermanus family home into a chocolate factory. Forever the down to earth, pragmatic man, he set off by designing and building all his own chocolate making machinery and equipment using repurposed domestic washing machines, ovens, fridges, hairdryers and vacuum cleaners. “It made no sense experimenting on a dream by buying new equipment. We needed to learn all we could about something we knew nothing about”. In the process he turned a double garage into a world-class chocolate factory  Today, ten years on, we’re still guided by his yearning and learning to make real chocolate. Because that’s how it all started.


At the time we were the first bean to bar chocolate maker in South Africa. Today we're still one of a handful of companies to produce premium chocolate on the African continent.


After sampling more than forty origins of cocoa beans and visiting numerous cocoa growing regions in Africa, Pieter came across the stunningly beautiful Bundibugyo region of Western Uganda in the foothills of the majestic Rwenzori mountains. The region consists of an estimated 14 000 small scale cocoa farmers. Most notable was the size of the cocoa pods - double those grown in neighbouring regions, a direct result of fertile soil and good rainfall. 


Once back in the factory, and after several roasts we fell in love with these unique cocoa beans. The bean produces vibrant earthy and fruity notes which to us is a direct translation of the vibrance and beauty of the Bundibugyo region.


All our chocolate is made with cocoa beans sourced sustainably from the region and proudly carries the Rainforest Alliance  Certification.



Located in the beautiful Cape Winelands of South Africa, an area renowned for its craftmanship in producing remarkable wines, we embrace the same principles in our chocolate-making process encompasses every ingredient, from our unique flavour cocoa beans, real vanilla pods, also from Uganda, and bespoke honeycomb, crunchy biscotti, and rich caramel, all made in our kitchen.

We pride ourselves in making our chocolate from the bean to the finished bar.

This means we can develop our own unique flavour profiles as we control all the critical processes from bean selection to roasting, grinding, refining and conching resulting in truly unique products.


From inception our strategy has been that we will make quality products ourselves without harming people or planet. This remains true to this day. We adhere to a strict sourcing and certification policy:



All our cocoa beans are ethically and sustainably sourced and Rainforest Alliance Certified. For more  visit:

Our dark chocolate, nut butter chocolate and no-added-sugar chocolate ranges are registered with The Vegan Society. For more visit

 Our no-added-sugar chocolate is KETO certified by the Paleo Foundation. For more visit

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