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NUTS ABOUT CHOCOLATE: Pieter de Villiers creates bars of happiness

By Bianca Coleman, Daily Maverick  Everything from the roasting of the cocoa beans and nuts, to ...

Cape Talk - Pippa Hudson interview: Guilt free chocolate from De Villiers Chocolate

Food Part 2: Guilt free chocolate from De Villiers Chocolate 28 September 2020 2:09 PM Pippa in conversation with chocolate maker extraordinaire Pieter de Villiers.

The science behind De Villiers Chocolate No-Added-Sugar Range

Since we did not want to settle for any of that, we have done extensive research to find the right combination of ingredients to use in our De Villiers Chocolate No-Added-Sugar chocolate range that tick all of the boxes without compromising on taste.

The #JoyfulNecessity that is De Villiers Chocolate nut- butter bars

You will not find the inventors of “joyful necessities” on the world stage, instead they reside in kitchens where they quietly perform their chocolate alchemy. In times of crises, when the world calls for solutions, these chefs and confectioners turn to their churners and mixers to extract something delicious that would produce a smile at a time when this might be a scarce commodity. 

Created with your heart in mind: De Villiers Chocolate’s new NO ADDED SUGAR range is put to the test

While there are several no-added-sugar chocolates on the market to cater for health conscious consumers, diabetics and those following the ketogenic (keto) diet, most of the available options are not nearly as palatable as one would like, they often leave a bitter aftertaste, include ingredients other than sugar that still cause blood sugar and insulin levels to spike, or cause unwanted gastrointestinal side effects.

Joy to the world… De Villiers Chocolate launches NO ADDED SUGAR range

De Villiers Chocolate, one of Africa’s first bean-to-bar chocolate brands, just made one of the world’s most craved foods more accessible – by not adding sugar, dairy or gluten - without any compromise on taste!
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